E n e r g e t i c   p r e s e n c e


   Ann-Marie Ahye


The heart of my motivation to teach Yoga & Meditation stems from a spontaneous feeling. From the budding of my yogic journey in 1984 my affinity to the practice was instantaneous. I recall a delight that arose as I was in the midst of a morning practice.

“Wouldn’t it be great to teach this!” were the words I declared long before the direct guidance to do so came forward.  I am so grateful that my intention was and is powered by such an inner feeling; one that  embraces a deep appreciation of the need for conscious self-care.  In that moment I could feel a vital joy that I yearned to be steeped in and to share.

Sincere time immersed in the practice of Yoga Postures, Pranayama, Meditation and Self-Inquiry has brought to light, that beyond the actual practices/techniques, there is a need to cultivate a Mindful way of Being and Living. My teaching is infused with a relaxed effort to instil a Mindful approach.

Right Effort  



Self-restraint does not mean to repress oneself.  It simply means to direct one’s life - not to repress the energies but to direct them, to give them a direction.  - Osho