“Tom and I were talking about you today, as we are both taking yoga classes with new teachers but none who can compare!”    Erin, Big Sur CA

“I am at the cottage enjoying the soft breeze, the warm sun and the sound of water lapping on the rocks. Nothing beats it except maybe one of your classes.”  Stacey, Toronto

“I can’t thank you enough for the great class.  Focussing on the solar plexus was just what I needed.  I was actually pain free in that area for a few hours  afterwards.  Did it feel great!   Also I have been trying to look at the pain as “the pain and not my pain” .  Is the mind really that powerful? It has helped ...But most of all the music you played made me cry. It was so beautiful. It sounded like angels singing.  I will never forget that class. Thanks”    Sandra, Toronto

"Ann-Marie is a true teacher for me, in that I feel that I am learning an approach rather than just specific poses, or even a specific type of yoga.  When I occasionally find myself in class with a different instructor - perhaps less experienced, or with a less nuanced teaching style - I'm happy to bring an Ann-Marie kind of awareness to my practice, engaging in a pose dynamically, deepening through attention to breath, alignment, shifting focus between specific areas and my whole body, etc. rather than giving in to dissatisfaction or confusion.  That feels like a gift - to have been equipped with a portable tool set that I can put to use in any situation, whether or not it involves a yoga mat."  Astrida, Toronto


“... last Tuesday's class; helped me so much as I was in the middle of "fear for Tom" and "fear of being an inadequate parent".  I needed a reminder of the heaviness of fear, as I was feeling so heavy and energy less.  Also, I know that the fear actually manifests fear, but sometimes I am so in it, I can't see my way out of it.  Your yoga class was very helpful and from that day on, my days kept getting lighter and more positive.  Once again, thank you ... love”

Cheryl, Toronto

My week of yoga practice with Anne-Marie was amazing. It combined my love of yoga and my interest in meditation, allowing me to integrate them in a way I have never experienced before. She has opened doors that I hope to continue exploring with her. Beth, New York

“The experience with Lucy and Stacey on Monday was reaffirming of all that we practice and all that we trust.  I personally didn't experience it on Monday in my physical body but I absolutely experienced it through my minds eye.  To witness such body mind connection was a privilege.  It has encouraged me to go deeper in asanas that I think I can't do and also in life experiences that seem daunting.  Go deeper not in a physical forcing but with a compassionate willing to let go through the practice of breath and concentration. I saw Lucy's arm actually move as she let go with the breath and consciousness, it was pure grace.   Hearing Stacy  tell of her letting go was also a blessing.  She is so fortunate to have experienced this first hand.  It will fill her  for a very long time.  Thank you Ann-Marie for this blessing. Loving Kindness”     Esther, Toronto

“It was a good session.  I guess two things happened.  It is hard to explain but I will try.   One was my breathing.  I have been trying for a year now on my breathing and just can’t seem to get it.  Thursday night I was finally able to breathe normally but do deep breathing.  It just felt different but very relaxed and I could continue it for some time.   I tried it on Friday and was partially successful.  I will continue to practice. 


Secondly when I meditate or practice relaxation I tend to get very relaxed and stop breathing.  I feel very groggy and “out of it” when I stop.  I don’t always like the feeling.  On Thursday,  I was listening to you and suddenly I was able to relax my body but stay alert and focus without having a busy mind or tense up.  It was a great feeling.  I felt energized instead of sluggish.  I hope I can do it again on my own.


I hope that makes sense.   Thanks again and as always I can’t wait until Thursday’s class.”  Sandra, Toronto 

“Yesterday was just what I needed.  Sometimes after an uplifting experience, my inside body feels smooth as satin.  I had that feeling yesterday after our workshop on Surrendering to Peace.  I appreciate your continuing guidance.  Much love and gratitude.” Cheryl, Toronto

"The Workshop was wonderful, both because of the atmosphere of committed, like-minded participants generating warmth and calm, and Ann-Marie's leadership, skill, and care.  The goodness of the practice stay with me still. Namaste and love."  Jenny, Toronto

For me, in your class, the postures are not merely physical exercises but moments when I become very aware of my thoughts and feelings and my sense of self - moments of really "being in the moment". It is, for me, a meditation that exceeds the physical stretching and strengthening benefits of other yoga classes that I have attended.  Love”  Sandy, Toronto

" I know that it has been your yoga practice that has begun to change me into this more relaxed person that I like being. Thank you for another wonderful session.  I'll be lining up for the next."  Janet, Toronto


"I have heard many good things about your class.  Thank you for making the classes so rewarding for the participants." Fiona, Fitness Co-ordinator, Sun Life Financial, Toronto


" ... I really enjoy the weekly yoga classes ...  My initial expectations of the yoga class was for a light exercise workout, but I've discovered through your classes I'm learning something much more important. You are guiding me gently, not forcefully, through my journey of waking up my inner spirit/energy.  Thank you." Sally, Toronto


“I'm taking a Meditation class ... with the most wonderful woman, Ann-Marie Ahye.  Am also taking yoga with her once a week (she teaches several days).  ... Her voice is very low key and quiet; she has introduced calm into my life.  And shown me how to examine my life.”   Vicki, Toronto

Just  saying  the words 'Living Awareness Meditation" says  it all.  Thank  you

for helping  me  awaken  to  my  authentic  self.   Every day  brings new beginnings.  Loving Friendship.” Esther, Toronto


This is the third Tobago retreat I have embraced and each time has taken me deeper and deeper into myself - a wondrous and challenging adventure.  Without Annie as my guide I would never have risked, what has turned out to be, the most fulfilling journey of my life.  Her gentle guidance and infinite wisdom have anchored and released me - my eternal gratitude to her.  As for the space( Karwiak) - it is the ideal Nirvana to journey inwards - a blissful bit of sun-kissed heaven.” Patti, Trinidad


“Tobago '08 - Having dubbed the retreat "Shut up and wine" it is no surprise that Annie's repetition of the phrase, "feel it without words" remains with me.... An unusual consideration for someone who worked hard to become articulate

and learn confidence in public expression; for someone earning a living off words, the more you can write the more you make.

Because of our time in the ajoupa I feel increasingly aware of Silence and find myself looking and listening for the spaces, the Space....That which neutrally contains good evil and the justice we pursue for: He made the sun to shine on us all....

See it .

Feel it.

And respond from a neutral place.

Truly I know, without a doubt -I AM, we all are - connected, I AM, we all are - light.

Now to wake up more fully to that reality in the cinema show of my own life - smiles. I truly feel I was able to access more of who I truly am, and accept more of who I truly am at this time.

I want to especially thank the men for their presence, and the couples who offer their relationships as a healing church for others -

Thank you Annie, Husband, Mr. and Mrs. Bunnie, Kelvin, Kathy, Lisa, Hetty, Sonja and all our gentle ajoupa friends seen and unseen, known and unknown -

Love to all.”  Jo, Trinidad


“Well, as I reflect on our past weekend together, I realize that I came away with renewed respect.  Respect towards my Self!  Respect for the "work" I have put in and the dedication it has taken to stay the course.  Gratitude also... gratitude for meeting my dear Annie and all that she has shown by example over the years.  Gratitude for this incarnation and every lesson that comes my way.  Love too - love for myself and for all of God's creation. 


Yesterday I pulled out my old address books... starting to think about Christmas cards.... and found my notes from when I first attended Ann-Marie's first sessions and practices in Toronto.  The date was 1999!!!  I was astounded by how "long" ago that is - but also by how "fresh" every encounter and every session still is.  I realize that there is no "graduation" in this work.... just a "gradual" growth and maturation.  Realizing now that I chose in 1999 to live my life a new way; more fully, more authentically, more in the now.  Realizing too that it takes a whole lifetime (at least!) to feel this growth.


I am so grateful that I have found you all as "fellow travellers" on this path. With Respect, Gratitude and Love, Namaste”     Lucy, Toronto

I will always treasure those magical moments I experienced in this retreat ... this last Retreat was extra special!!! The combination of guided meditations, asanas, special breathing exercises, chanting, readings and sharing created the space and a dynamic platform for us to make a quantum leap into our true SELVES!

As we experience order, harmony, joy, humour, responsibility, peace, communication, power and wisdom ... over the next year, I feel certain that we are all looking forward to next year's retreat.

Warmest regards, thanks for being a most inspiring teacher and see you next March!!!”    Hetty, Trinidad

“I remember the me that rushed into your first workshop years ago and think about how much my life has been transformed by that introduction to mindful yoga. I am very grateful to you for all that you have given, i'm now a regular yogini, that walks more slowly, smiles more widely and experiences so much more peace. I take much better care of myself now than in the old days and live so much more consciously. Thank you for giving me the access to the me that i am now.”  Sonia, Tobago

“The spring retreat last weekend at Novalis was wonderful.

Thank you to each of you for a powerful and thought provoking weekend. It was wonderful to experience the energy each of us contributed, and the energy we created together.

Ann-Marie thank you for leading us into some powerful practices which will enhance our lives, and awaken us to new ways of experiencing. Namaste.” Margie, Toronto

Energy Balancing

“I enjoy  our sessions  and I  am feeling  the benefit.   I am  slowly  gaining

more awareness  and  hopefully  I  will  continue  to  build on  my  confidence  and consciousness - and figure out how to apply to my life ... Thank you.  Warm regards.”   DH, Toronto


“ Your words are always very powerful, both in the written and verbal form.  I am always struck by how clear everything seems once you have voiced it.  Very beautiful. Much love”   Cheryl, Toronto

“Thank you for the fullness of your presence.”     Jo, Trinidad

“You are such an insightful and powerful teacher ...” Sharon, Toronto

“Congratulations, Ann-Marie on the beauty you are emitting.” Heather, Toronto

“... you are stretching boundaries with your wisdom and teachings.  Fortunate for those who attend.”    Kathy, Toronto

“Thank you Ann Marie for ALL of your assistance. I wouldn’t have this sense of clarity if it wasn’t for my work with you. I feel blessed to know you and appreciate your guidance & loving support.  You really DO impact many people’s lives!” Jay, Toronto