m i n d f u l   Y o g a



Mindful Yoga is an approach that focuses on bringing conscious awareness to the breath and movement of the body/mind while engaging in the asanas.  Beyond seeking to do the poses the emphasis is on being present and attentive to the tapestry of sensations that is one’s more subtle experience.  Harnessing such close awareness brings a fine tuning of sensitivity which enables inner adjustments to register rather than imposing an abrasive form.  The experience is an organic one which allows the individual to resonate with a natural and balanced rhythm.

The habitual forcing and controlling motives that underly the ego are revealed through practice.  As these traits are seen and dropped, an ease comes forward.  With ease comes space and an affinity towards a centred alignment.  Enhanced strength, integrity and flexibility develop.  Additionally, close inner connection brings forward spontaneous insights which illuminate self-understanding.  It is this that sets us free.

“I just wanted to thank you for the yoga practice last Tuesday and Friday.  My right side had been aching steadily for about a week. After the practice of integrating the right and left side on Tuesday night, my right side was remarkably improved and the Friday practice improved it even more.  I was blown away!!   Love”  Cheryl, Toronto
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