“Empower me to exercise the authority of honesty, and be a participant in the difficult [sacred] ordinariness of now.” Ted Loder  (insert by Ann-Marie Ahye)

“So appreciated the opportunity to just BE with you in the class and let your mellifluous and heartfelt words empower my body, mind and soul. You are so talented at what you do. I am always honoured and grateful to be your student. Thank you for making the learning curve surmountable and recognizing the courage it takes to be on it. Love” – Lenore, NYC

“You know the feeling that you get from an excellent yoga class or spa treatment? When your body feels incredibly good—so relaxed that it has an otherworldly sensation to it? That is the experience I had while taking a Mindful Yoga class with Ranch guest presenter, Ann-Marie Ahye. Her class was so soothing that I absolutely had to learn more about her philosophy on mindfulness, yoga, and how to recreate the ultra-serene state of bliss I achieved on the mat.  I loved your Yoga Class” – Gretta Perlmutter, Rancho La Puerta, Mexico

For the full Blog Interview see: http://www.rancholapuerta.com/2016/12/20/top-five-tips-for-a-mindful-yoga-practice/

“What a blessing it was to be led by you in this Workshop. My spirit had a sense that it would be a turning point for me and that prescience proved correct.

Just the act of slowing down and taking notice of myself brought me to tears. As I write to you now the tears return and with a surge of gratitude too. How beautiful to reconnect with oneself in a meaningful way. So often we reach for a glass of wine or a movie to immerse ourselves in, to forget, and suspend the chatter in our minds and to qualm our fears. They are only a temporary distraction though. They do not restore. You return to the world feeling no more energized and you pick up your burdens just where you left them.

Not so in your workshop. I came in with unexplained pains in my left hip and ankle that were plaguing me for weeks. By the next day they had dramatically improved. I felt my breathing restricted and my abdomen tight and then came an immediate softening. The release was both physical and spiritual. I have remembered these past days to be kinder to and with myself and I am liking me so much more.

I also purchased your Cd Travelling Inward and was so pleased to enjoy the benefit of your guidance even while you are a continent away. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” – Tracy, Trinidad